It didn’t take long for condolences to come pouring in from people across the political spectrum and throughout the media. Even with such short notice, both CBS and NBC ran news briefs on their evening programs reporting his passing. But ABC was the lone broadcast network to skip Krauthammer’s passing. And The Washington Post, where he wrote for decades, published an obituary that partially blamed him for the Iraq War.

What is it with the mainstream media painting liberal, pro-choice political action groups as outlets to get women elected, when in fact the groups in question skew leftward and are staunchly pro-choice on the abortion issue.

On November 1, I noticed that CNN's Carol Costello conveniently omitted the fact that liberal political action committee EMILY's LIST only gives money to pro-choice candidates. In Monday's Washington Post, a similar organization, the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), was tagged as "an organization that promotes the election of women."

The description came in the obituary for the late Grace Suydam Orlansky, "a longtime civic activist" who died on October 22. Orlansky "worked for the caucus from 1975 to 1991, chiefly as assistant executive director," readers learn from a 12-paragraph obit written by Adam Bernstein. Not once was the word "abortion" or "pro-choice" featured in the article.