Americans tempted to turn to Dan Savage’s Seattle sex-advice column shouldn’t waste time. No matter what the question or how perverted the urge, Savage will – using the crudest possible language leavened with rabid attacks on Christians, Catholics and traditional lifestyles – advise you to go ahead and indulge.

Textbooks attack Reagan and Bush Supreme Court nominees, label moderate justices as 'conservatives.'

Brian Williams couldn’t be more proud of his daughter for flaunting her goods on ‘Girls.

Man thrown out of talk says anti-bullying speaker claimed ‘pope is projecting’ or ‘pope is secretly gay.’


Book Review – “Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Fought Back against Boehner, Cantor and the Tea Party” By David Corn

With nearly 200 mentions in just 15 months, nets making faith an issue.

Sunday is the Christian day of rest, “GCB” certainly didn’t. ABC pulled out all the stops in their Easter Sunday, two-hour episode titled “Turn the Other Cheek/Sex is Devine,” with the majority of the plot centered on pre-marital and marital sex.

'Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological origins of the Tea Party Movement' by Michael Patrick Leahy

The Liberal Media’s four-pronged attack on traditional religion.

Singer Colton Dixon is utterly devoted to his Christian faith, but “American Idol” producers don’t think he has a prayer of winning the competition.

Things are getting pretty surreal around the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog when a supposedly credentialed cleric turns to the loopy fiction of “The Da Vinci Code” for ammunition to attack Rush Limbaugh.


The networks were uninterested in Obama's Rev. Wright connection, but have gotten religion and are using it to target conservative candidates.