A Washington Post/Newsweek writer calls for removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance, amid a little-reported eruption of pre-Christmas attacks on faith.

Good Morning America dedicates 45 salacious minutes to the Pop Princess's comeback.

ABC's morning news chatters still won't acknowledge that the media deliberately tarnished the image of the GOP vice presidential nominee.

WaPo fetes an artist whose Bush-bashing ornament is hanging on the White House Christmas tree

Will more bullies be encouraged to sue businesses that operate according to religious values?

The Today show fails to suggest that couples forced to stay together for economic reasons should try to reconcile.

Folding the trampled security guard into a story about giddy bargain hunters is disrespectful and crass.

Christmas is coming. Time to besmirch the holiday.

Veteran journalist, educator and author brings decades of experience to Culture and Media Institute's Board of Advisors.

Kids spend more time with media than they do anything else, except sleep. Why are we surprised it impacts their behavior?

Magazine's sexiest movies ever list favors anything but the marital bed.

The Washington Post's religion maven advises the Obamas on the perfect church to attend.