Despite the filth, Mistresses surprises us this week with some positive reinforcements for rational behavior and good morals.

A test of character and a return from the dead

The latest episode of 'Under the Dome' gives us more questions than answers

NBC's 'Camp' explores its own shortcomings

Summertime series promotes Gay Marriage, but bashes marriage in general.

A cat caper steals the spot light.

The mistresses make one bad decision after another.

Michael Westen shows a new bad boy streak.

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. In a show entitled “Mistresses,” it was only natural that they would eventually get around to making a strong man out to be a controlling, domineering character.

As far as concepts go, FX’s “The Bridge” managed to snag something original. (Well, except that it’s yet another “loosely based” idea stolen from across the pond. Only this one’s imported from Scandinavia.) The show focuses on two detectives working opposite sides of the Mexican-American border on an ever-more-complicated murder case.

Danny Desai is learning a big life lesson in the tenth episode of “Twisted.” It turns out that when you are rehabilitated after murdering someone, it’s hard to restore people’s trust, especially if you lie.

Chester’s Mill has lost its small town charm and has completely turned to anarchy in episode eight of ‘Under the Dome.’ After Ollie took control of both the water and the propane resources, the town rises up in arms to get back access to the well.