JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR ANCHOR, UNIVISION: George Bush, Sr.’s funeral was this week, and truth be told, the interview didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Not just because of my English, but because I couldn’t get the date for the invasion of Iraq out of the president. Shortly after my interview, in fact, the military attack was launched.

SANTIAGO SÁNCHEZ, REALTOR: I have friends in Las Vegas, California, in all areas of the United States and they tell me the same thing. They say that the Hispanic market is the one growing the most right now.

ARANXTA LOIZAGA, ANCHOR, UNEWS: Other news out of Washington, the Trump
Administration will begin enforcing the regulation hailed by religious conservatives, but
denounced by medical organizations and women's rights groups. As of today, family planning
clinics like for instance Planned Parenthood that receive federal money are no longer allowed
to refer women to abortion providers. The department of health and human services will also
begin enforcing a requirement that clinics maintain separate finances from facilities that

ILIA CALDERÓN, ANCHOR, UNIVISIÓN: Social media networks and at least two mobile apps have become big allies of undocumented immigrants in their fight against immigration raids. With those tools, the migrants can discover what danger zones to avoid, and can also contact family members and attorneys if they become involved in the raids, and even film the arrests.


JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: (Standing) in line for  President Trump's rallies...there are more people waiting in line to go to the bathroom than (there are) at Biden rallies , for example. This is something illogical that we see.. 

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST, CNN: (Laughs out loud) ...oh, my God.


ARTURO VARGAS, DIRECTOR NALEO: People are afraid of us.

ARTURO VARGAS, DIRECTOR NALEO: We are 60 million, but what does that matter if we do not translate it in voice and participation?

ILIA CALDERÓN, ANCHOR, UNIVISIÓN: President Trump reached his highest approval rating since entering the White House, according to a recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC. Support for the President increased 5 points with regard to his approval rating from three months ago. The poll also reveals that little more than half of the interviewed voters are not satisfied with

JORGE RAMOS, HOST, AL PUNTO: I don’t understand, really, in all honesty…

JORGE RAMOS: Let’s close with this. I had a chance to view the poll, it hasn’t been published, but let’s break some news here. When you ask Latinos whether or not they support the building of the wall, I was surprised at the amount of Latinos that agree with building the wall.

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SALINAS: Tonight is the opportunity for voters....

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