ANNOUNCER: 2017 has been the year of Trump´s presidency, a very difficult year for immigrants.

MARIA CELESTE ARRARAS, TELEMUNDO ANCHOR: After this massacre, many are demanding that politicians take action and regulate the sale of firearms. At this time, there are three signs rolling through Miami, criticizing the Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio for not doing anything to control guns in this state, a state that has very relaxed laws when compared to others. 

U.S. REP. JOE KENNEDY III (D-MA): We've seen, opportunity after opportunity, shooting after shooting, when my colleagues here- the Republicans here send their thoughts and prayers to the victims.

Look, we've seen the answers to those thoughts and prayers on the faces of each victim, on the face of each member of their family that has to survive these crises. And still, we do nothing.

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Well, the difference in the handling of this gun control situation has, of course, made its way to the White House. Last February, President Trump removed an, uh...proposition passed by, -or rule, I should say- which President Obama put forth, which allowed for (background) checks with a more,,,uh...that a person with mental problems could be much more thoroughly screened when requesting a firearm.

ANDERSON COOPER: Don't you think it is up to the Democrats to make some concessions here?  Since they aren't in control of either chamber of Congress. I mean, Republicans do hold the cards 

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Since 2014, it is legal for same-sex couples to enter into marriage in Miami. However...some considered that what happened at this Miami Catholic school lays bare a controversy that has not yet been completely discussed at a national level.

ADRIANA YAÑEZ, ANCHOR, ESTRELLA TV: Donald Trump is creating a new office in the White House that will be in charge of hunting immigrants.

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, UNIVISION ANCHOR: The measures to limit legal immigration to the United States proposed by the Trump Administration have the purpose of preserving the nation's current demographic composition and limiting the growth of the so-called minorities, mainly, the Hispanic population. Pablo Gato will tell us (about) those details.


ADRIANA YAÑEZ, ANCHOR, ESTRELLA TV: And Donald Trump doesn’t stop surprising Americans with his acts of madness. Now, he’s asked for a military parade to intimidate his enemies.

ADRIANA YAÑEZ, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO ESTRELLA: The trafficking of guns coming from the United States continues to be a threat to Mexico. According to a private study, the uncontrollable trafficking of guns from the United States has a direct effect on the homicide rate in Mexico. (The study) stated that assault weapons are the narcos' favorite weapons (with which) to continue with their bloodbath in the country (Mexico).


LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Maritza Sanz has been in contact with recently arrived Puerto Ricans from Day One.

MARITZA SANZ, LATINO LEADERSHIP: The first thing they'll tell you sometimes is when they talk about the humiliation that they felt. "You know, we're humiliated because of how this President treated us. Now we'll be able to tell him how we felt when he threw the paper towels at us."

CLAUDIA MENDOZA, CORRESPONDENT, NOTICIAS TELEMUDO: The Mexican government is also joining these legal efforts.