ANNOUNCER: 2017 has been the year of Trump´s presidency, a very difficult year for immigrants.


JORGE RAMOS: Alexandria, what is a socialist like in 2018? And let me put that in context. There are many people here in the United States that -when they think about socialism- they compare it to the communism of the former Soviet Union. Why is your socialism so different from those history lessons?

FELIX DE BEDOUT, UNIVISION ANCHOR: Senator, I have to move quickly to two current issues such as the nomination of a new candidate to the United States Supreme Court. Your opinion regarding the president’s nominee:

CONGRESSMAN LUIS GUTIÉRREZ (D-IL): You see and hear the words of the President regarding Latinos, Muslims, women, people of the LGBT community and you, we should not be surprised.

MARÍA CELESTE ARRARÁS, HOST, AL ROJO VIVO, TELEMUNDO: nothing justifies this aggression against a man who was already completely defenseless. The images have angered many and now the police has opened an investigation. Classic abuse. 

PAULINA SODI, NEWS ANCHOR, UN NUEVO DIA: President Trump’s administration has put an end to the practice of universities that favor the admission of racial and gender minorities to promote diversity.


JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ, HOST, DIRECTO USA: So, what happens now? What is the process? And there are 34 legislators that support it, but leadersh…



JORGE RAMOS: The World Cup allows for that nationalism that we don’t allow for other things. How’s Colombia doing?

ILIA CALDERÓN: Let’s hope that we play like never before and not lose like always, and that we achieve something.

SATCHA PRETTO, NEWS ANCHOR, DESPIERTA AMERICA: Hopefully these protests are effective.