WashPost on Ashley Judd: Smart Enough to Be Governor? Doesn't Know Filing Deadline Passed

February 4th, 2015 8:45 AM

Emily Heil at The Washington Post’s “Reliable Sources” gossip column promoted liberal actress Ashley Judd discussing her latest flirtation with running for office.

Actress and regular public-office flirt Ashley Judd didn’t run for U.S. Senate against Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), although she seriously considered it. But “senator” isn’t the only title that’s caught her fancy. Does “Gov. Judd” have a nice ring to it?


In an interview with Larry King, Judd says she’s well qualified to hold the top office in the Bluegrass State.  “Governor seems like an interesting position too, particularly in Kentucky, where we have a mono-economy, really abusive mineral extraction, pervasive poverty, low educational attainment,” she said. “We’re really low on all the different social indices and because of my work in developing economies, I actually — both as a Kentuckian and someone who’s traveled around the world a lot — have a deep bench on that stuff. ”

But the gossips did not appear to know what the Post’s political reporters do. Reid Wilson tweeted on Monday:

Indeed, the primary election filing deadline was January 27. Unless Judd wanted to run as a third-party candidate -- then she has until April Fools Day. Someone at the Post should have told someone else at the Post that this was a non-starter.