Bezos Surrenders to Climate Change Protesters and Makes Pledge

September 19th, 2019 2:26 PM

Note to lefty special interests: Pick on the Big Tech companies. They’re pushovers.  

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced at the National Press Club on September 19 that he was making massive changes to Amazon in order to fight climate change. More than 1,500 Amazon employees pledged to walk out on strike on September 20 as part of the Global Climate Strike along with other tech employees from Google and Microsoft. The threatened strike would be the first ever for Amazon. 

Bezos said Amazon will commit to meeting the goals of the United Nations Paris Agreement (which was created ten years ago.) He added that he wanted 100 percent renewable energy at Amazon by 2030. 

This includes making the switch for Amazon trucks from gas to electric. Bezos agreed to purchase 100,000 delivery vans from Rivian. 

The employees going on strike tomorrow tweeted, “Amazon’s Climate Pledge is a huge win for Amazon For Climate and we’re thrilled at what workers have achieved in under a year. But we know it’s not enough. The Paris Agreement, by itself, won’t get us to a livable world.” 

Among other demands, Amazon workers want the company to “stop donations to climate-denying politicians and think tanks, and stop enabling the oppression of climate refugees.” 

Bezos himself tweeted, “Super excited about the Climate Pledge.”