Conservative Engineer Exposes Google’s Liberal Outrage Culture

Google prides itself on creating a “safe,” politically “nonpartisan” and “inclusive” workplace… for everybody but conservatives, according to one Google engineer.

Conservative Google software engineer Mike Wacker published a scathing May 21 tell-all on Medium describing the liberal insanity he encounters on a daily basis. “If left unchecked,” he wrote, “these outrage mobs will hunt down any conservative, any Christian, and any independent free thinker at Google who does not bow down to their agenda.” 

He illustrated how fellow conservatives have been accused of making the workplace “unsafe”  for praising University of Toronto academic Jordan Peterson. He also revealed his arguments with a Googler who is part of a self-described cult led by a former pornstar.

Wacker has been slammed as being “hateful/incendiary/inflammatory” for observing how Google’s “values” are hypocritical. He quipped that “the definition of ‘Google’s values’ that matters is the one used by Google’s activists.” 

He added that they “could only be described as ‘nonpartisan’ in the same sense that the Women’s March could be described as inclusive towards pro-­life Jewish women.” The Women’s March has been rocked by infighting in recent years. The Atlantic recounted how in January 2017 “pro-life feminists were kicked off the list of sponsors.” This was followed by “lead organizers of the national march” being accused of “condoning anti-Semitism and making disparaging comments about Jews.”

Google has been infamous for this liberal intolerance since the 2017 firing of engineer James Damore for writing a memo which criticized political correctness and identity politics. In January he alleged that an unverified Google employee admitted to conspiring against him. 

The anonymous confession explained that “We needed to make an example of Damore.” The post later mentioned that they sought to “control the narrative” and “planted stories with journalists and flexed Google's muscles where necessary.”

Google has also laid down the law on whistleblowers, threatening employees with termination for accessing internal info without explicit permission. This was done after multiple leaks and scandals ranging from their censorship-enabling Dragonfly search engine to their employees outrage at cooperation with the US military. 

Wacker commented that the person who accused him of being incendiary “compared black conservatives who spoke at CPAC to Jews who spoke at a Holocaust denial conference.”

He also recalled a heated exchange with liberal Googler Blake Lemoine over intolerance of Christian beliefs at their company. Lemoine has been described by the Daily Caller as belonging “to a self-described cult led by a former porn star” He faced controversy after he “called Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn a ‘terrorist.’” 

Lemoine explained his loathing for conservative Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James who was a member of the cancelled Google AI ethics council: “She believes and clearly stated that she believes trans women are men invading womens’ spaces.” Lemoine added further that “bigotry is not a religion. This is despite the fact that bigots have regularly tried to wrap their bigotry in holy robes.”

Lemoine stated that when conservatives try to protect their interests within the company and behave according to their beliefs, “I think they should be shown the door.” Lemoine further compared the conservative belief that “trans women aren't women” to thinking that “black people aren’t people” and said that those believers should “GTFO” or in other words “get the fuck out.”

Wacker reported this exchange to Human Resources, who saw no issue with this discrimination against people trying to protect Christian values. Wacker described this incident as a “smoking gun” to prove Google’s corporate bias. He warned that with these liberals in power “once you control who belongs at Google, you can control what content belongs on Google."

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