Twitter Won't Ban User For Calling Black Conservative “Nappy Headed Ni**a!”

Black conservative Amy Holmes was called a “Nappy headed nigga!” on Twitter and when she reported it, she was told the racist attack did not violate the company’s standards.

Twitter has taken extensive heat for its anti-conservative clear bias. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) made headlines yesterday when he demanded it face investigation by a third-party for bias against the right. The social media platform has suspended people for tweeting “learn to code” at laid-off liberal journalists (or even tweeting the phrase at all), while now allowing people to tweet the N-word at black conservatives.

“If you’ve ever wondered if Twitter’s rules for ‘hate speech’ seem arbitrary, wonder no more,” former Blaze anchor Holmes tweeted. “I reported this clearly racist, clearly personally targeted message sent via DM literally expressing hate. Twitter emailed me that it does not violate their rules. It violates mine.”

She later added that Twitter told her via email that this harassment does not violate its policies. “The sender won’t be warned. I’ve blocked him, of course. I guess I’m not sophisticated enough to understand.”

The news broke this morning when she tweeted that she was insulted via message on Twitter, noting that she “rarely [reports] Tweeters” because she believes in “free expression.” She even cut out the name of the harasser so that people don’t “gang up” on him.

On one hand she tweeted that there are far worse things to endure than insults on Twitter. “Is it the crime of the century that some angry misfit oddball DM’d this to me? Obviously not.” Yet at the same time, what actually did concern her were the double standards at play. “But it *is* strange that I reported this obviously racist and hate filled attack and was told it’s perfectly w/in Twitter bounds,” she continued.

When one Twitter user observed how Holmes is “not on their list of 'approved liberals' so anything goes. You could respond with ‘Learn to code’ and get suspended.” Holmes replied, “Maybe if he had DM’d me, ‘Learn to code, nigga’ that would have triggered a more robust response from the Twitter team. Even typing this reply with that quotation makes me a bit nervous that I’ll get suspended. We’ll see…”

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