Damore: Insider ’Helped Google Screw’ Him Over with High-Tech ‘Spying’

A jaded Google insider allegedly revealed how the company conspired to fire Google engineer James Damore. 

Damore made headlines in 2017 when he was fired from his engineering job by Google for writing a memo criticizing the extreme political correctness and identity politics at the firm. Now he alleged  that an unverified Google admitted conspiring against him. Damore cited an anonymous Reddit tell-all revealing the scandal.

User “u/TiredOfLyingForGoogle” posted their document January 7th,  condemning  Google leadership and its attack on Damore, but one excerpt was especially damning:

“We needed to make an example of Damore. Looking for some excuse to fire him, we spied on his phone and computer. We didn't find anything, although our spying probably made his devices unusably slow, preventing him from organizing support within the company. When we did fire him, our reputation and integrity took a hit, but at least other employees were now afraid to speak up.”

The post later mentioned that they sought to “control the narrative” and “planted stories with journalists and flexed Google's muscles where necessary.”

The anonymous poster later closed by lamenting “All of our scheming was over the phone, in deleted emails, or through an external PR firm, so we can deny all of it” and that Google’s leadership is “close to screwing him over completely”

Damore responded within an hour of the post’s appearance saying that while he can’t verify the original writer’s identity, the poster does appear to know of internal matters only an official Google employee would know. He noted how the poster correctly knew that Damore was one of only 100 employees actually aware of the Dragonfly search engine project and that he had also reported “legal issues in Search that they probably haven't fixed.”


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