Jake Tapper Named New 'State of the Union' Host as CNN Avoids Clinton Scandals

Congratulations to Jake Tapper! The host of CNN's The Lead has today been named as the new host of the Sunday morning news show, State of the Union. Whatever his personal political proclivities might be, Tapper has proven himself to be a generally honest reporter. It is hard to imagine him acting in such a blatantly political manner as previous State of the Union host, Candy Crowley, did when she acted as an Obama enabler when she moderated a 2012 presidential debate.

However will Tapper's positive personal qualities be enough to buck the liberal CNN tide? Sadly yesterday amidst the fast breaking news of even more serious Clinton scandals, Tapper's The Lead as well as almost all the rest of CNN shows yesterday remained a Clinton scandal-free zone. We shall get to that later but first let us view the happy announcement of Tapper's new duties in addition to continuing to host The Lead.


New York (CNN) Jake Tapper is the next anchor of CNN's Sunday morning political interview program "State of the Union."

CNN announced Tapper's promotion on Friday morning. He will take over the program in June; he'll remain the channel's chief Washington correspondent and the anchor of the weekday afternoon newscast "The Lead."

Among his peers, Tapper is seen as an authority on politics, something a program like "State of the Union" demands. He received rave reviews when he was the interim anchor of ABC's Sunday morning hour "This Week" in 2010.

And Jake Tapper deserved those rave reviews which made it surprising when The Lead yesterday completely ignored the shocking new details about the breaking Clinton scandals due to two days in a row of almost wall to wall coverage of alleged police brutality in Baltimore. Unfortunately, all of the CNN shows with the exception of New Day yesterday were also Clinton scandal-free zones.

The Situation Room? Nope.

Wolf Blitzer? His blitz did not cover anything Clinton.

Early Start never got started on this subject and Erin Burnett's Outfront was out of sight when it came to this topic. This morning New Day seems to have performed a sort of mea culpa for daring to bring up this taboo topic yesterday:

On two occasions during CNN’s New Day on Friday, CNN personalities raised the often-used liberal argument that Republicans have “overplayed their hand” on a scandal with the latest being their handling of the allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

Hopefully Jake Tapper as host of State of the Union will be able to report on subjects that are taboo to most of the rest of CNN. A good rule of thumb would be that the brighter red that CNN CEO Jeffrey Zucker's head glows, the better Jake is doing his job.

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