Jonathan Capehart Hopes Mary Landrieu Can 'Wobble' to Re-Election

October 10th, 2014 9:53 AM

Forget about voting record or positions on policy. What really counts for Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post is knowing how to properly perform a dance step. Or at least he hopes that will be the secret to electoral success for Senator Mary Landrieu whose voting record such as supporting Obamacare has made her unpopular in Louisiana.

The dance step Capehart is referring to is called the "Wobble." Here is Capehart gushing over Landrieu's ability at performing a Wobble and hoping that it will help with her re-election:


...But if anyone had doubts that Landrieu lost touch with Louisiana, they were put to rest last Saturday.

That’s the three-term senator from the legendary family, now seeking a fourth, bustin’ some serious moves at a Southern University tailgate last Saturday. The dance is called the Wobble. Looks like a modified electric slide that requires facility with one’s hips and more than a modicum of rhythm. Trust me, you can’t fake this.

It might mean much in terms of policy positions. But it speaks to a cultural fluency that says she knows exactly where her home is. If Landrieu’s constituents were wondering whether she’s still one of them and can relate to them, the proof is right there in her Wobble.

Yeah, great "proof" there. And somehow doing the Wobble washes away her "Louisiana Purchase" vote for Obamacare. Oh, and for the curious, here is Mary Landrieu proving herself worthy of re-election according to Capehart:


Exit question: Can Senator David Pryor Macarena his way to re-election in Arkansas?