Newly Unemployed CNN Reporter Posts Funny Exit Video

August 30th, 2014 7:30 PM

As referenced here at Newsbusters by Jeffrey Lord, CNN president Jeff Zucker is saying that layoffs at that network which is rapidly dropping in the ratings could be ahead. Could be? Actually the layoffs are ironically happening right now during Labor Day weekend.

One of those being laid off is CNN Capitol Hill reporter Lisa Desjardins. However, despite the downside of receiving a pink slip, we have to credit her for turning the unemployment lemons into hilarious lemonade by posting a very funny YouTube video (and after the jump) of her good naturedly  saying goodby to CNN...and then stealing a bunch of office supplies and ripping their first aid kit off the wall on her way out the network.


In addition to thanking CNN for making sure she was part of the Great Recession, Lisa also mentioned that there were too few of her fellow gingers at that network. Perhaps an investigation is in order to see if CNN is engaged in discrimination against gingers. Also how many of those now being laid off by CNN are gingers? A lawsuit could be in order.

Exit question: How long before Jeff Zucker is laid off for overseeing the current ratings plunge at CNN? And what will he steal in his goodbye video? One thing we know he can't steal and that is Fox News ratings.