Daily Kos Attacking Charlton Heston on His Passing

April 6th, 2008 2:20 AM

I guess we shouldn't expect any sense of decorum from Kossacks, but it is pretty lame that they had to unleash their hatred only minutes after the announcement of the passing of famed American actor Charlton Heston. A Daily Kos "diarist" named doriangz started out calling Heston a "gun-nut" and ending with his life and causes being considered "political nutdouchebaggery," and the incivility just flowed like the opening of a damn from Kos posters' keyboards after that. Not much respect for a man who's film career spanned many decades, who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr., and fought to uphold our Constitution.

One poster said that Heston tore into the "victims of Columbine," one Marcus Tullius said he laughed when Jerry Falwell died and that Heston's death made the world a better place. And Fairy Tale echoed that with a post that said, "Things are already getting better in America" now that Heston was dead. RandySF said that he was sorry but that he "can't think of anything nice" to say about Heston. Aqualad08 seemed to think that if there were "no guns in heaven" that would make it "hell" for Heston.

And they were just getting warmed up.

Then, we always have to have the "he's a crappy actor" types like poster jazzmaniac and the ones that have no respect, like ohcanada who said, "As we sow.. I didn't respect him in life..and I won't in death." Then FischFry jumped in to say that he assumed that mention of the Heston film "A Touch of Evil" was really a description of Heston himself.

And, predictably, there is the foul mouthed type that we have all come to associate so specifically with uncivil leftists, too. PerfectStormer posted a loving "So long, motherf***er" when he heard the news of Heston's death.

But remember, these are the same sort of people who claim that it is they that are the more "compassionate," more "caring,", and more "civilized" in our society. Well, if the compassion they displayed for Charlton Heston is any indication, we are in more trouble than we thought... either that or the left has no real compassion at all.

I favor the later, don't you?

Still, there were several posters that were chagrined by the hate and uncivil postings by their fellow lefties. So, at least some of the Kos posters were sorry to hear of Heston's passing and upset at the ignorance of the other posters.

But, all the vitriol is sadly to be expected from the more "loving" left, unfortunately. I can only imagine how the media will treat him over the next few days. Who can doubt that their compassion will quickly fade to be replaced by sniping and attacks of this iconic and quintessentially American personality?

(Photo Credit: eonline.com)