Daily Kos Boss's Sarcastic 'Serious' Obamacare Question: 'How Much Freedom Did That Cost Us?'

Markos Moulitsas, the founder and publisher of Daily Kos, blogged on Tuesday morning that despite scary rhetoric from conservatives about "the 'death of freedom' and...jackbooted Obamacare Nazi Alinsky thugs," the Affordable Care Act has done or will do a great deal of good for our health-care system.
Kos wondered, "Anyone know how much freedom was lost?" as a result of the ACA, and cheekily invited right-wingers to quantify, a la Bill Watterson's Calvinball, any such losses.

The post in full:

Serious question. We're going to see around seven million people get private insurance (as the Heritage Foundation intended) through the exchanges. Medicaid expansion will deliver health insurance to anywhere between 4.7 and 6.5 million more. And don't forget the three million or so young adults who are able to stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26.
So...how much freedom did that cost us?

You see, conservatives keep talking about the "death of freedom" and the jackbooted Obamacare Nazi Alinsky thugs who will [fill in the blank and make it really horrible]. So now that the Affordable Care Act has been (mostly) implemented and millions of people now have insurance when they didn't before, or are paying less for better insurance than they had before, it's time for a proper accounting.

Anyone know how much freedom was lost? Was it, like, 13? More than that?