Daily Kos Writer: We Need New Right-Wingers Because the Current Ones Hate Obamacare Too Much

The Marxist German playwright Bertolt Brecht, apropos of a 1953 situation in which the East German people allegedly had "forfeited the confidence of the government," wondered if it wouldn't be easier "in that case for the government / To dissolve the people / And elect another?"

Daily Kos featured writer Hunter isn't that extreme. He doesn't think America needs a whole new group of people -- just a "new conservative movement."

In a Monday blog post, Hunter dealt mostly with Republican objections to Obamacare. He contended that "having private insurers do this damn thing is, and was, the conservative position" (as opposed to, say, a truly lefty single-payer system) and declared that in the two decades since the Hillarycare debate, "the ongoing [health] insurance fiasco has never gotten any better, and every time it looks like it might someone with a very fat and secure paycheck pipes up to say that Grandma Jenny being able to afford her heart medication is an affront to all the Americans who don't want her to fucking have it."

But that was a mere warmup for his closing paragraph (emphasis added):

...We need a new conservative movement. I'm dead serious about this. The old one is broken. It's a partisan movement, not an ideological one, and there is no thought thinked-of [sic] or even tolerated that does not revolve around how to hurt the other party. The healthcare repeal is no longer paired with healthcare replace because no movement wag can dare suggest there might be a role for government in Grandma Jenny's basic needs at all; Now they're a movement dead set on preventing the citizens of their own nation from getting health insurance, and I do not know screwed in the head you need to be for that to seem like a good idea—certainly, though, screwed enough that you can't possibly expect us to take you seriously anymore. Not even a little bit.