Daily Kos Week in Review: Fantasies and Hallucinations

This past week, Kossacks weighed in on the GOP presidential nominee's Libya/Egypt comments, reflected on the madness and/or fanatical religiosity of conservatives, and lauded a currently showless lefty cable-TV host.

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

Troubadour: Mitt Romney, sociopathic horseman

All remotely decent Americans were repelled by...Romney's apparently smug, sociopathic glee at the news that American embassy personnel in Libya had been killed, not to mention his bald-faced attempt to immediately exploit the situation politically...

What a sick sociopath this guy is. What a fucking vulture...It's not enough that he is finally being criticized in a media that has heretofore wiped his ass for him...He makes this smarmy, vindictive statement the day after the 9/11 anniversary...smirking because an American ambassador was killed... 

...This is the guy with hundreds of millions of barely-taxed dollars while the human beings of this nation have to struggle and fight the Republican Party for every scrap of freedom and ounce of opportunity. Fuck you, Mr. Romney, and the taxpayer-subsidized dressage horse you rode in on. 

noelcor: It's now the Waco GOP

...[T]he...Republican Party [has] slowly morphed into a cross between a religious/cult-like group and an infomercial style marketing machine.

The religious element being that they largely do not see the world as complex or needing proportional solutions, but rather, a black and white fantasy story of good and evil. Jesus and the saints are replaced with Ronald Reagan and Grover Norquest & Fox News. The devil is inside all Democrats, government workers, and academia people who challenge the talking points of the saints...  . 

Democrats have constant hope [that Republicans] will act as a strong second party with a counter-balance of thoughts that add to the discussion. Instead they are like David Karesh [sic] followers that focus all mental energy on a perfect Heavenly or Armageddon end game of pure good and evil high level solutions...

Bill in Portland Maine: A big weekend for religious-right racists 
...The annual Values Voters Summit got underway [Friday]...It's an event where conservative sheeple-herders get together and lay out a clear agenda for taking America forward to the 1890s...Meanwhile there's also a Stormfront convention going on at the same time in Tennessee. Here's how you can tell the difference between the two: one's a group of hate-filled extremists who harbor radical views and long for a cookie-cutter world where white men are white men and women and minorities know their place, and the other one's Stormfront...

Mokurai: Some GOPers are just half-crazy

...[T]he best part of A Beautiful Mind was the transition between John Nash having hallucinations and not being able to tell that they were hallucinations, and continuing to have hallucinations but recognizing them as hallucinations...

Think about that whenever you hear seemingly conscienceless Republicans hallucinating. Are they absolutely mad, or just semi-mad and lying?...

MacDaffy: All hail Olby, fighter of fascism

...[Keith] Olbermann has helped to move the Overton Window--the range of topics considered "acceptable" in public discourse--to a more progressive place after almost forty years of having it shoved toward outright fascism. The faces and topics in electronic media are more diverse today because of him.

Here's hoping his chair won't stay empty for long.

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