Daily Kos Week in Review: The Devil Inside

Some on the left have questioned the Catholic credentials of Republican VP-nominee-in-waiting Paul Ryan. Count on Kossacks, however, to allege that Ryan, and conservatives as a group, not only aren't Christians but are followers of Satan himself.

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

Grizzard: Ryan worships money...

...[Ryan] is, in practice, no more a Christian than he is a member of the postal worker's union. He is another in a long line of conservative politicians willing to use Christianity in their policy making, except where it poses an inconvenient challenge to the real religion of their party - the religion of personal wealth accumulation...

Hoshizora No Memoria: ...or maybe the Prince of Darkness

...Paul Ryan and the Republicans claim to be pious Christians, but it seems that the only parts of the Bible that seem to legitimize oppression, restriction and pain - never the parts about turning the other cheek (in fact, Satanism says to SMASH the cheek of someone who strikes your cheek; Randianism says it's okay to commit terrorism against people who don't adhere to your word in every detail), or the part about the rich finding it very very hard to get into heaven,, nah, being a Christian means hating gay people and contraception.

While claiming to be Christian, the American Right, in its words and actions, can only be described as Satanic in nature, and thus, a vote for the GOP is a vote for darkness, despair and evil. I am not being hyperbolic, what "conservatism" represents can only be described as such...

chaunceydevega: Romney-Ryan, a ticket to violence

...[A] passion for guns, channeling of class entitlement, and disdain for the social compact represents the beating heart of the New Right...[P]olitical violence...is the endgame, what is the logical result of Ronald Reagan's suggestion that government is the problem and never the solution.

...Romney and Ryan are John Galt...Let that fact settle in for a moment. Are you and the American people ready for what John Galt does when he is elected President of the United States? What are you willing to do in order to stop them?

ignatzmouse: The right's formula is Rand plus racism

...The gutting of all meaningful social programs is the New Right's way of making their stand, drawing the line, joining the border patrol, and taking on 'the others.' It reminds me of the last, reactionary years of Apartheid as the power structure tried desperately to cling to the final remnants of their power...

...Tea Partier[s and] vague Libertarian[s are] guided by racial resentment...and set out to burn down the community of America in a race riot orchestrated by those who want to divvy up the ruins. If I am right, Mitt Romney's seeming gaffe in introducing Paul Ryan as "the next president of the United States" is not so much a gaffe as it is a Freudian slip. It says that the shackles put on the recovery by Republicans during Obama's first four years are to pale to the unabashed arson they intend during Obama's next four years -- for it is the very notion of pluralism to which they are setting fire and from whose ashes they will have positioned a prescription.

Beetwasher: Somebody really doesn't like Mitt

...People like Romney should be ashamed to appear in public, never mind running for President or holding any public office for that matter.

And to then have the pompous insouciance to dictate the terms of his receiving our vote? "I will not deign to be vetted by the likes of you! Do you not recognize my divine right and superiority?"


Kick that fucker in the balls for the audacious, brazen, slovenly insult to my intelligence. And again, even harder because yeah, that mutherfucker really is just blatantly insulting my intelligence and that just really fucking pisses me off.

And when he mewls for mercy, like that lickspittle filled douchebag is currently doing, that's when the beatings shall really commence.

There can be no mercy. Not this time. This insult, this degradation must be answered, in force, and it must be remembered and it must reverberate as a warning, a bellow to the future.

Lo, the pendulum swings back, and hard, mutherfuckers. It leaves a mark. It leaves a smear of bloated cretins like Romney as skidmarks on the magic underwear of history...

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