Daily Kos Week in Review: Theocrats On The March

This past week, one Kossack argued that for conservatives, freedom of religion is not an end, but rather a means for them to limit the religious liberty of non-conservatives. Another admitted that analyzing right-wingers is, literally, a painful experience. 

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

Hunter: Religious freedom = bullying

...[T]o most folks religious freedom is just another way of saying "my religio is better than yours, heathen, so do what I say."

...[I]f there's one thing all conservative groups can agree on, it's that their religious freedom requires all other Americans have less religious freedom than they do.

Kos: The GOP base is a fringe group

...[B]y and large...the difference between activist progressives and their teabagger (and theocratic) counterparts [is that] we're trying to move the Democratic Party and its politicians into the American mainstream. The other side is doing the opposite... 

cassandracarolina: Conservatives are 'alien' and incomprehensible 

...As a Progressive, I will be the first to admit that just don’t get what makes conservatives tick. I study them as I would any other alien species, but all I get for my troubles is a splitting headache...


MacDaffy: Right-wingers have ruined the spirit of the '60s 

...Conservatives demonize The Sixties as a time of drift, turmoil, and decay. I remember the time differently. I remember...landing on the moon, sustaining our planet, ending poverty, eradicating disease, making great music and art, bringing peace and brotherhood to a world we had helped save from tyranny...

...[America] was the country where anything was possible.

It still is. Or, rather, it still would be were it not for those selfish few who believe that our generosity and our curiosity and our insistence on fairness and justice are weaknesses rather than strengths. It still would be were it not for the selfish and mean-spirited few who consider this richest of countries nothing more than a cash cow to be milked dry and left spent and despoiled when they're done with it...

Troubadour: Rich Republicans are pitiful

...I feel sorry for Mitt Romney and for people like him. His life may be devoid of pain or challenge, but that just means his mind is an abortion - he is merely an instrument of his money rather than the other way around...[H]e is plankton in a sea of motion, hiding behind lies and platitudes to stay afloat. Does he look in the mirror and see anything, or just the reflection of something that isn't there? Romney doesn't have property, he is property.

Do you believe the Koch Brothers are content with their crimes against reality and freedom? They are driven by holes in themselves, and your shining light is pain to them, burning and unquenchable. Do you think the villains in this story sleep at night because they have no conscience? If they do, it's only because they are never other than asleep. And more likely than not, they are always tortured by the irritating realization that something more than themselves is out there - you. You are in the nightmares of the powerful and cruel, because your very existence and that which springs from it with every moment that passes erases them. A single act of kindness can obliterate their life's work in the blink of an eye, and thus evil is laid waste...