Daily Kos Week in Review: The Nick at Nite Right

A popular liberal talking point in the '80s was that President Reagan couldn't distinguish between movies and reality. This past week, Kossacks claimed that conservatives rely on unreal versions of the Bible and the Constitution and that their sense of a bygone America derives not from history, but rather from a classic sitcom. 

As usual, each headline is preceded by the blogger's name or pseudonym.

Niniane: Conservatives are cafeteria constitutionalists

...[S]ome of my more conservative friends and acquaintances do have hearts, and some still have some semblance of a mind.

Lately, they all seem to agree on one thing, one concept...Somehow they feel that they, and by extension, their chosen candidate is superior because they are..."Constitutionalists"...

Once again, the unwashed conservative masses have picked up a buzzword to explain the reason for their passion, without realizing it explains nothing at all.

In the same way most conservatives interpret the Bible, the Constitution means whatever fits best with their personal and collective ideology, to be used when convenient, and circumvented when it isn't. And they don't even realize it..

Mark E Andersen: The Tea Party pines for a fictional past
...I now understand your anger. You are not in power. You are not calling the shots, and it pisses you off. Here is the deal. This is the United States of America and while we have our problems we have always persevered—not because we stayed in the past like you seem to want to do. No, we have moved forward by looking towards the future and doing bold things. In your world we would have never settled the west, we would have never gone to the moon. Yet, you say you want your county [sic] back...what exactly do you want back? The United States you seem to want only existed in Leave it to Beaver re-runs.

Hunter: Today's conservatism isn't conservative

...I used to at least respect the notion of conservatism as philosophy...but this [current] version of conservatism is overtly regressive, not conservative. It lacks any coherent point other than the self-centeredness of the practitioner.

...Most of these people aren't ideological about anything. They're just profoundly stupid people. They're not conservative, they're just self-indulgent scolds or self-interested collectors of public power...

Hunter: The right suffers from delusions of oppression

...If you are a conservative, then part and parcel of that is believing that the whole world is out to oppress you. It might be Agenda 21, or climate scientists, or atheists, or gay people, or black people, but the common thread is abject fear over the possibility of someone out there treating conservatives exactly like conservatives treat them...

MinistryOfTruth: Conservatism = sadism

...The thing I take away from watching GOP debates is that the only thing conservatives can cheer for in America anymore is for the things that conservatives like, and a boot stamping on the face of the people they hate. A banker stamping on your fingers as you try to climb the economic ladder, that's the modern conservative movement.

Republicans cheer the death penalty. They cheer for torture. That creeps me out. Now it is getting obvious that Republicans don't just cheer cruelty, they get off on it...