Village Voice Sneers, Snipes at Righty Blogs

April 23rd, 2008 2:10 PM

Last week's issue of the Village Voice featured Roy Edroso's review of "10 conservative Web scribblers," described therein as "buffoons" and in the article's subhead as "a confederacy of dunces." (Actually, Edroso names twelve bloggers, arriving at his figure of ten by counting the Power Line trio as one person.)

Lefty snark aside, the piece is problematic in part because at least two of the bloggers Edroso scrutinizes, Ann Althouse and Megan McArdle, really aren't conservatives. Moreover, by emphasizing individual bloggers he almost completely ignores lively large-group sites such as the Corner (he examines only Jonah Goldberg's contributions to NRO) and, of course, NewsBusters.

Among Edroso's snipings, he:

  • Claims that Rod Dreher "vacillates between anger at Islamofascists and sympathy for Islamic fundamentalism, at least insofar as it resembles Christian fundamentalism," and that even though Dreher is anti-Iraq war and not a big fan of modern capitalism, this November he nonetheless "will vote Republican because of the fetuses."
  • Quips that James Lileks is "leaning toward George Wallace" in the presidential election and notes that Lileks "refers to [Barack] Obama as 'Cool Brother,' which, given [Lileks'] longstanding antipathy to The Boondocks, is dispositive."
  • Characterizes Glenn Reynolds's politics as "Glibertarian (sex, drugs,
    guns, endless wars)."
  • Describes Ace of Spades' tone as "retarded."

FYI, the other bloggers Edroso covers are Michelle Malkin and Charles
Johnson of Little Green Footballs.