As ClimateGate Goes Worldwide, AP's Loven Grows Strangely Allergic to the 'C-Word'

GlobalWarmingThe establishment press dispatches from Copenhagen have been remarkable exercises in unreality.

That's because, as documented in two columns this week at Pajamas Media by Joseph D'Aleo (here and here), the ClimateGate scandal's scope has gone worldwide. The sub-headline at D'Aleo's first column succinctly states the following (bold is mine):

The focus belongs not just on CRU (the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit), but on all of the organizations which gather temperature data. All now show evidence of fraud.

That's right, "all." As in, "every." As in, "no exceptions." There is apparently no clean data anywhere. And the raw data? As noted some time ago (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), that's gone too.

Thus, there is no credible, scientific support for the assertion that the earth has been unusually warming, or for the contention that such warming if even occurring is human caused. None.

The word choices of Jennifer Loven at the Associated Press in her latest reports seem to betray a bit of anxiety that globaloney's house of cards is quickly collapsing. 

Other than to have fun and frolic in the unusual amounts of snow falling on the city, there is no reason for the climate conference in Copenhagen to even be taking place. Reporting from the event without mentioning ClimateGate, as almost no one is (including Loven), is an exercise in denial.

On November 17, just a few days before ClimateGate broke, Loven, in an item about the President's meeting with Chinese "President" Hu Zintao, used the word "carbon" four times:

But the United Nations and the European Union have called for a fund of at least $10 billion annually in the next three years to help poor countries draw up plans for moving to low-carbon economies ....

.... Worldwide carbon emissions jumped 2 percent last year, said the study, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Geoscience, adding urgency to efforts to rein in pollution that traps the Earth's heat.

.... The summit's Danish hosts and other European leaders understood Obama's comments on his Asian tour as a signal that he will deliver specific pledges of U.S. action on carbon emissions and financing in Copenhagen - even at the risk of moving faster than Congress would let him.

.... The administration hopes the U.S. position in Copenhagen will be fortified by evidence of some progress in Congress on climate, along other action the White House has taken to promote clean energy and rein in carbon dioxide emissions.

Remarkably, despite many obvious opportunities, neither of Loven's two latest dispatches about President Obama's visit to Copenhagen, as of 1:22 AM and 12:24 PM Eastern Time today (screen caps of most of each report are here and here; the latter item will probably be updated frequently over the next 12-18 hours), contain the "C-word." Instead, in her later report, she refers to "heat-trapping gasses" and "greenhouse gasses" (spelled differently from November's "gases," which is the usual usage). In her first item, she refers to "cuts in emissions growth" without even describing what kind of emissions.

Loven's word choice would probably be much ado about nothing, except for two things.

First, Roger Ballentine, Loven's husband (at least as of a few years ago), is an ardent and politically involved environmentalist. His bio at Green Strategies Inc. indicates experience inside the Clinton administration as "Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs, where he focused on energy and environmental issues." He is also a Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute. Ballentine was also an environmental spokesman for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, while the obviously conflicted-in-appearance Loven covered the Bush campaign and the Bush White House with such disgraceful bias that Powerline referred to her at the time as a "Democratic operative."

Second, the gal has, along with her husband, been obsessing about carbon and carbon dioxide for many years.

As documented in a different 2004 Powerline post, Loven's husband in 2002 openly criticized the Bush administration's Clear Skies initiative because "the president's proposal excludes .... CO2, the greenhouse gas predominantly responsible for global climate change." In 2003, a Loven AP dispatch criticized Bush's "so-called Clear Skies Initiative," and echoed her husband by reporting that "Environmentalists said Bush's proposal would actually weaken current law while doing nothing to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, blamed by many for global warming." (I wonder which "environmentalists" she was referring to?)

A Google News Archive search on ["Jennifer Loven" carbon] (typed exactly as indicated) comes back with 59 results before considering duplicates, all between 1998 and November 2009. Considering that AP and its subscribers very often lock up their wire service content within a month or so, that's a lot of hits, and probably only a percentage of all actual occurrences during that time frame.

Now, suddenly after all these years, up to and including last month, the "carbon" is gone from Loven's reports from what is supposed to be the most important enviro conference in human history. Where did it go, Jen?

Could it be that Jennifer Loven has, perhaps with her husband's grudging, abandon-the-ship help, figured out what a comprehensive hoax the whole global warming/climate change enterprise has been all these years, and is more than a little squeamish about reporting on the farce that is Copenhagen?

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Pajamas columnist D'Aleo is described as "Executive Director of, a former professor of meteorology and climatology, the First Director of Meteorology at the Weather Channel, and a fellow of the American Meteorology Society." Zheesh; what does he know? (/sarc)

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