NewsBusters Podcast: The 'Democratic Party' Aims to Squash 'Spoilers'

March 29th, 2024 10:30 PM

 The Democratic Party turns out to be a pretty funny name, because they’re really interested this year in keeping everyone else off the ballot. Third-party "spoilers" like RFK Jr. must be treated by the media as a "threat" to democracy, since democracy and the Democrats are treated as synonymous. 

Kennedy's announcement of running mate Nicole Shanahan -- a lawyer and ex-wife of Google founder Sergey Brin -- drew only brief notice on Tuesday night. PBS NewsHour offered 45 seconds, CBS 30 seconds, and NBC? Just eight seconds.  Alex Christy found Trump's 2020 primary opponents drew 115 TV interviews on the liberal networks, but Biden's 2024 primary opponents drew only 25. While he ran as a Democrat, RFK Jr. had two.

Over on ABC's The View, Nick Fondacaro reported Joy Behar became unglued as she ranted about how “Somebody has to ask him: why are you doing this! Why do you want to destroy the election and hand it to Trump if possible?!”  She also claimed he was doing a disservice to the family name, saying: “He's a Kennedy. His forefathers are rolling over in their graves with this. His own family is telling him to get out. We already have one clown in the race. Do we need two of them?”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg really bought into the conspiracy theories, claiming Kennedy’s trying to “buy the election.” This at least came before Biden raised $25 million plus in one night next to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Stephen Colbert.

Then we revisit the scene of the Ronna McDaniel debacle, and how "mainstream" media reporters are now trying to claim hiring partisan pundits just doesn't make sense any more. Which might sound like "don't replace Ronna with a different Republican."

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts!