Why Is Maddow the Outlier That's Covering the Bad Turn for Fani Willis? (Step Aside Now!)

February 13th, 2024 12:36 PM

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis used to be a headliner in the anti-Trump media, but they don’t want to cover her possible disqualification over her personal romance with her prosecutor Nathan Wade, who took her on vacations with money he earned from her. On Monday, Judge Scott McAfee said there needs to be an evidentiary hearing on Thursday that could unravel her prosecution of Trump.

Isn’t that newsworthy?

No, according to the evening news shows of ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and NPR. The New York Times printed a story on Page A-14. The Washington Post ran an AP dispatch. The biggest liberal journalist outlier on this breaking news was….MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, darling of the red-hot Trump haters. She not only reported it on Monday night, she highlighted a New York Times op-ed from January 24 advising Willis to step aside.

Willis is in "quite a spot," regardless of whether MSNBC viewers think it's fair:

MADDOW: The only person whose opinion really matters on that right now is the judge. And today in court He did make clear, he did say explicitly he thinks she might be disqualified from this case because of these allegations. Now the key dynamic at work around this is that if Fani Willis is disqualified -- fairly or unfairly -- her whole office, the whole District Attorney's office is disqualified from working on that case. Which would mean in all likelihood that whole case would go away.

And that is why Georgia State University law professor Clark Cunningham argued in The New York Times last month that the best thing Fani Willis could do to protect her case against Trump and his RICO defendants in Georgia would be for her to take a leave of absence. For her to take a personal leave of absence from the district attorney’s office, to turn the proceedings over to a deputy district attorney. That would end these proceedings against her, effectively, and it would leave her office in charge of the case, and the case could still go forward.

We contacted Professor Cunningham about this today, these new developments. He told us quote, this action, meaning personal leave by District Attorney Willis should be looked at strategically as the best option she has to make this enormously distracting controversy go away and to put the case back on track, still in the control of the Fulton County DA’s office. If judge McAfee grants any of the motions to disqualify Willis at the hearing on Thursday this week, then her option to take leave probably disappears at that point.

Maddow noted reports that Donald Trump plans to be in the courtroom on Thursday to make it a "circus." So won't it look weird that all these networks are ignoring it until they start yelling at him at that point?