Networks Admit 'Border Crisis,' But Won't Quote Republican Criticism of Biden's Performance

December 29th, 2023 5:24 AM

The leftist networks treated the Trump administration as a perpetual scandal on immigration, whether it was a "Muslim ban" or separating families at the border. For most of the Biden administration, they've energetically ignored the crisis at the border, and when it gets so bad they can't ignore it, it's not a scandal for Team Biden. It's just something that happens to them, like stormy weather.

On Thursday morning, the networks reported top Biden officials met with the president of Mexico as Democrat mayors of big cities were complaining about how the federal government isn't giving them enough money to deal with the influx of migrants. The word "illegal" is rarely used now. The Left has won that semantic war. There are just migrants that need "processing."

Something is obviously missing: Republicans criticizing Biden for ineptitude or simply favoring a massive influx of migrants. The only people who are quoted are Democrats or illegal immigrants. CBS Mornings used an expert named John Sandweg, who was an acting ICE director for a few months under Obama. They don't tell you he was an Obama guy. They often obscure how former government officials are quite often former Democrat government appointees. They're just nonpartisan experts.

Guest host Vladimir Duthiers asked reporter Christina Ruffini: “Is there progress being made?” Ruffini replied with government boilerplate: “A senior administration official said progress is being made, but this isn’t a problem the U.S. and Mexico can solve on their own." There was more blather about addressing the "root causes" of poverty and violence. But this is the same song the Bidenites were singing two years ago.. 

It was more of the same on ABC's Good Morning America. Reporter Trevor Ault helpfully explained the big-city mayors were “accusing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of cruel and inhuman politics, busing migrants across the country.” It's "cruel and inhuman" to send illegal immigrants to cities which boasted they were "sanctuary cities." That term didn't come up. But illegal aliens were described as "asylum seekers." A caravan of migrants were headed north with banners that read "Exodus from Poverty."

On screen, ABC described this as a "border showdown," but it's not between illegal immigrants and law enforcement, it's apparently between Democrats and Republicans. Except Republicans don't get to speak in the stories.