NPR Enables Rep. Castro to RIP Gov. Abbott as 'Barbaric' at the Border

July 25th, 2023 10:15 PM

Underlining the notion that's there is not much difference between MSNBC and NPR, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) appeared on MSNBC's  American Voices on Sunday and on NPR's Morning Edition on Monday on the same Republican-bashing theme. Any attempt to restrict illegal immigration is "barbaric" and "inhumane." NPR co-host A Martinez (not the actor) set up Castro to denounce Gov. Greg Abbott as a terrible human being.

CASTRO: There was a pregnant woman that got caught up in the wire and miscarried. There was a 4-year-old girl who was about to pass out. And instead of bringing her in, DPS troopers pushed her back into the water per the directives of DPS leadership. And so Greg Abbott's policies are barbaric and inhumane.  And this is in the context of the fact that migration border crossings have decreased by 70% since Title 42 ended in the last few months.

What does that number mean? On June 6, ABC News reported "Unlawful entries along the southern border have decreased 70% from their record highs since the end of Title 42 on May 11, according to the Department of Homeland Security.".

This is the closest NPR approached to a counterpoint: 

A MARTÍNEZ, BYLINE: Is there any validity to the argument that people shouldn't be in the water and the buoys keep people out of the river and directs them to ports of entry?

CASTRO: The desperation of these people to reach the United States so that they can claim asylum by any means - their desperation is much greater than the hatred that Greg Abbott has for these asylum-seekers. 

Illegal immigrants can do wrong and should bear no responsibility for their own safety, because -- "desperation." In this interview, Castro is clearly advocating for untrammeled illegal immigration. Martinez continued with softballs: 

MARTÍNEZ: You mentioned a report based on an email from a Texas Department of Public Safety officer and a medic in Eagle Pass that claims that, as you said, there -- people are being pushed back into the water by Texas state troopers and National Guard members, and also that they're being denied water during a heat wave. How do you want federal officials to respond to that report?

CASTRO: Well, many of us asked the Department of Justice and the Biden administration to intervene, to stop these barbaric actions. And so I'm encouraged that this week, the DOJ plans to take Greg Abbott to court if the governor doesn't stop doing what he's doing.

Then Martinez just accepted Castro's claim of a "decrease" in border crossings, compared to what? "You mentioned border crossings into Texas decreasing. What do you attribute to that?" Castro said there's a "more orderly process," and then returned to the red-hot hate at Abbott: "In fact, the governor has gotten so ugly in his rhetoric, and Texas Republicans and others have gotten so ugly, that they have called this an invasion. And that has set an awful tone. And you see the effect of that, is people carrying out these barbaric practices."

That's three uses of "barbaric," which suggests this interview is more advertising than news.

Martinez concluded with another softball: "What more would you like to see or hear from President Biden on this?" Castro said Biden needs to speak out on this. "It's important for the president of the United States to condemn it himself. And I think to not do so, to not say anything, is a real failure."

The real failure here was NPR failing to challenge Castro or allow a Republican to have a real counterpoint.

It was not the only softball interview of a Latino leftist on that Monday morning show. Co-host Leila Fadel discussed Vice President Kamala Harris speaking at the leftist UnidosUS Action Fund conference with Executive Director Rafael Collazo. UnidosUS used to be the "National Council of LaRaza."