On PBS, Jonathan Capehart Uncorks FIT After Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rips Biden

February 8th, 2023 12:04 PM

PBS might be seen as a sleepy avenue for analysis after the State of the Union and the Republican rebuttal, but on Tuesday, new Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders was fiercely critical of President Biden, so Washington Post columnist/MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart uncorked a fit, lying about how Republicans want to abolish most of black history in public schools.

You knew a ran was coming when PBS anchor Amna Nawaz said "Jonathan, I saw you scribbling furiously as Governor Sanders was speaking. There was this generation of new leaders, she was talking about. The contrast between the place she holds and President Biden. She did serve as press secretary for the previous Republican president, whose name she did not mention."

Capehart told his colleague David Brooks he was glad he observed that Sanders focused on culture wars and didn't touch on the economy. 


CAPEHART: You took her speech seriously in a way I couldn't the moment she said he's a man who cannot say what a woman is. This speech -- I'm trying not to levitate from my chair because there were so many -- she leaned so hard into the culture wars, that she just slid right into ignorance. For her to say, to revel in the fact she's an alum of Little Rock Central High School and lauding the Little Rock Nine and their statues -- they're memorialized! When the Republicans,  particularly in Florida and I guess now in Arkansas are going to make it illegal for students to learn about why the Little Rock Nine are significant and in bronze in Little Rock. 

This speech was entirely offensive. When she talks about Republicans are there for freedom and Americans, which Americans and what freedoms? What about the trans kids who have targets on their backs? Or LGBTQ kids jn schools, or black kids in schools who can't learn their history because government is making it illegal? Wonderful, she's the youngest governor in Arkansas and she is drawing these contrasts with an 80-year-old president, but thank goodness we have an 80-year-old president who just gave a speech to the entire nation about what he wants to do for them.

There was that moment when the president said, look, "you guys -- you voted against the infrastructure bill, but then you show up and take credit for the projects and the jobs that come. I look forward to you guys doing it again." She does not have that message. The message she just gave to the nation and on behalf of the Republican party just proves to me that the Republican party is lost, not lost, it is gone. 

Then, as PBS wrapped up its coverage around 11:15 pm, Eastern time, Brooks returned to the Sanders speech, and bizarrely claimed that Biden is "not really part of the coastal cultural elite." He's only the President, who ranted in the speech about making abortion legal at all times and supported the entire LGBTQ menu of culture wars.