Washington Post Too Stupid to Tell Difference Between Facts and Predictions

September 13th, 2020 7:19 PM

Salvador Rizzo’s Washington Post bio says he has a bachelor’s degree in English from Emory University, but somehow he’s not smart enough to tell the difference between a fact, and a prediction. On September 11, this so-called "fact checker"  awarded “Four Pinocchios” to this statement:

“Mail-In Ballots will lead to massive electoral fraud and a rigged 2020 Election.”

— President Trump, in a tweet, July 2, 2020

This is one of the most annoying dirty tricks of the “fact checking” trade. Smear your target as a “liar” because you don’t like the predictions they’re making.

The Post can’t curtail its red-hot loathing of Trump anywhere, certainly not in the headline:

Trump’s fusillade of falsehoods on mail voting

We dissect Trump’s breathtaking onslaught on the truth and the integrity of an upcoming U.S. election.

Rizzo pinned his hot take on his Twitter page: 

Then check out all the editorializing right from the start of this "fact" whack:

More than 100 times this year, President Trump has peddled false claims or imaginary threats about voting by mail.

The president may believe this disinformation campaign helps his chances of being reelected. But he is sowing confusion as states prepare for the Nov. 3 general election and is falsely accusing state officials of trying to rig the outcome. Trump also has encouraged people to vote twice, which is illegal.

A mountain of evidence shows that mail voting has been almost entirely free of fraud through the decades, but Trump insists that it’s a recipe for disaster.

Oh, but this is the kicker: “These warnings about vote-by-mail are almost identical to the disinformation Russia is spreading to undermine confidence in the U.S. presidential election.”

That's not to say that everything Trump says about mail-in voting is impeccable. Constantly predicting the election will be "rigged" or fraudulent is inflammatory, but it's in the future, so it's not factual/unfactual. Rizzo and his bosses don't care. They want the "fusillades of falsehood" headline and all the clicks that come from the trash talk. 

The Post and other Democrat-helper media outlets have an emotional investment in crushing anyone claiming mail-in voting could be problematic.

Rizzo concluded with more editorializing and shaming: 

This is a breathtaking onslaught on the truth and the integrity of an upcoming U.S. election. We expect it from Russia, especially after the copious evidence of its disinformation campaign in 2016 to benefit Trump. But to see it emanate from the president of the United States, the attorney general and the head of the Republican Party is nothing short of stunning.

Speaking of "imaginary threats" to the election, the Post "fact checkers" should all be required to read The Wall Street Journal editorial on this subject, which also was posted on Friday. 

A week after the June 2 primary, about half the counties in the Keystone State were still tallying ballots. On June 11, Philadelphia alone had 42,255 votes uncounted. President Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by 44,292.

If Mr. Trump and Joe Biden run neck and neck in November, how long might Pennsylvania keep the Electoral College hanging? In the campaign’s closing weeks, arriving mail votes will pile up in local offices, but state law says they can’t be processed until 7 a.m. on Election Day. This wasn’t enough preparation to give timely results when 1.5 million residents voted absentee in June, and it won’t be in November.