Pathetic LA Times Headline: 'Stocks Stumble to More Records'

November 8th, 2019 10:42 PM

Our friend Gary Hall scans the Los Angeles Times for silliness,and he sent along this silly headline from Twitter: 

Stocks stumble to more records on conflicting trade reports

How do you "stumble" to a record high? Did Hank Aaron "stumble" to a record high in home runs? Did Tom Brady "stumble" to six Super Bowl rings? 

The online headline was slightly better: "Stocks settle into more records on conflicting trade reports." But it's still strange. You "settle into" a record high? 

By Friday morning, the Times was back to projecting economic gloom: "For 53 million Americans stuck in low-wage jobs, the road out is hard. Despite low unemployment and a strong jobs market, 44% of U.S. workers earn low pay and are unlikely to get out of that rut by switching jobs, a study finds."

Friday afternoon's new high drew this LA Times headline: "Stocks push past latest trade-war confusion to more records."

This spurred our friend Gary to tweet: 

Wow - this is even a softer headline than yesterday's, after a 184 pt record setting gain on the DJIA, " "Stocks stumble to more records"

That was pathetic, LAT's. There's a story every day, LAT's, pls cease with trying to always make a political bent out of it. Sickening.