CNN's King Wrongly Claims 'Old White Guy' Rush Limbaugh Is Mocking AOC's Accent

On his radio show Friday, Rush Limbaugh noted how CNN Inside Politics host John King found his mockery of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez distasteful. Rush says the congresswoman's 22-letter name with an exaggerated Spanish accent for fun. But King inaccurately claimed Rush -- an "old white guy" -- was mocking how AOC had an accent when she talked -- but she has no Spanish accent. It's like how Rush would use a William F. Buckley impression when he would say the name of Rev. Jesse Jackson. Clearly, King doesn't listen to this radio show on a regular basis. 

Rachael Bade of the Washington Post was explaining how Trump had ruined everything for the Republicans. "T hey want to talk about socialism. They want to talk about the comments that a lot of people found anti-Semitic comments that Omar made," but then Trump "came in with this hammer, bam, and just totally upended that strategy because then it became about race. And that undercuts them, and that is not the message they want to be sending." Then King turned to Rush: 

KING: To your point, as some Republicans tell the president, at least dial back the rhetoric, focus on the policy, talk about the Green New Deal, talk about socialism, and talk about what Omar has said, offensive words about Israel. Rush Limbaugh telling the president you're on to something. Keep going.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: So I think what happened at that rally is a combination of people having fun. They're with a president they love. It's a take-off on lock her up Hillary Clinton. I hope they continue to illustrate how wacko, how morally bankrupt and substantively bankrupt they are. [Edit] That's why I hope Omar keeps talking. I hope Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, I hope they keep talking. I hope that Trump continues to succeed in making all of these people the face of the Democrat party. That'd be great.

KING: The Republicans hope an old white guy keeps mocking the accent of a Latino member of Congress?

CNN wants to start every conversation by making sure conservatives and Republicans are on the defensive. King left out the good part right before his clip: 

LIMBAUGH: All this is designed to get conservative Republicans acting though they're guilty of racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and it's all made up. We conservatives love people, Steve. We want the best for everybody. We want everybody to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that living in this country affords everybody, and we want everybody to be able to have the opportunity to be the best they want to be, using the ambition, desire they have, and all we ask, all we ask, is that you love the country. That you do your best to help people love the country. There is no reason to hate this country! There is no better place on Earth to be. There's no reason to despise this country. There's no reason to perfect it on a premise that is unjust or immoral. People are fed up I think, hearing how rotten their country is. And they're fed up hearing the media give those people an additional platform to broadcast their hate and disgust with the country. 

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