CNN Questions America's 'Focus' When 'Jeopardy' Players Miss Russiagate Question

July 6th, 2018 2:40 PM

David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon pointed out that CNN is a little shocked and alarmed that supposedly smart people don't know their Russia-Russia-Russiagate trivia. Don't they have CNN on their TV for six Russia-packed hours at a time? America lacks "focus" on CNN's obsessions. 

On Friday afternoon's Inside Politics, host John King gently mocked the intelligence of Jeopardy contestants who couldn't answer a question about Michael Flynn making a plea deal. It was the $1,000 question in the "Recent Stuff" category: 

JOHN KING: And I'll take Russia meddling for a thousand, Alex. Only the smartest of the smart get to be on Jeopardy, right? So what does this little exchange last night say about the nation's focus, or lack thereof, on the whole [Robert] Mueller Russia meddling and collusion investigation?"

ALEX TREBEK: In 2017, this ex-National Security Adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Suzanne?

SUZANNE: Who is Kelly? 

TREBEK: No. Steve? 

STEVE: Who is Gorka? 


KING: I would bomb on Jeopardy, but I'd get that one right. The answer? Who is -- Michael Flynn! 

We could have nailed that question, but we watch way too much CNN. But the late Noel Sheppard deeply enjoyed CNN host Wolf Blitzer bombing badly on the game show in 2009 in a celebrity matchup with Conan sidekick Andy Richter and actress Dana Delany. (David Rutz is a Noel Sheppard Award winner for his media blogging.) 

This isn't the first time, certainly, that lack of cable-news "focus" was demonstrated on the show. Noel blogged that in 2012, none of the contestants recognized a picture of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.