Cruel, and Usual Punishment: Bill Maher 'Cruelly Mocks' Donald Trump Jr.'s Divorce

The liberal Daily Beast website broke out in protest over a lack of decency on if their decency is if decency was their reputation. The headline was "Bill Maher Cruelly Mocks Donald Trump Jr. Over His Divorce: The Real Time host was the only late-night comedian to tackle the unfortunate news." They even added the word "SAD" over the top for extra scolding. Marlow Stern reported:

This week, Donald Trump, Jr.’s wife Vanessa filed for divorce. Even though Don Jr. is, by most accounts, an idiot—he’s pushed numerous far-right conspiracy theories on social media, including ‘liking’ bogus ones related to the Parkland school shooting survivors, and once claimed that women who can’t handle sexual harassment “don’t belong in the work force”—the couple has five children, so it’s an unfortunate situation for them.

Perhaps that’s why all the other late-night hosts this week steered clear of the Don Jr. divorce news—except Maher, that is.

“Even Trump wives are starting to leave,” he said. “Don Jr.’s wife, did you see this? Yes, Donny F--kface. His wife filed for divorce. She’s citing ‘irreconcilable douchiness.’ Says she wants to see other creeps. No, but it’s sad. We don’t know why they broke up—you never really know with a couple. But I’m gonna go with Hope Hicks! I’m just kidding.”

The crowd, understandably, groaned.

No, they didn't. Maybe someone in there did, but mostly the Maher audience whooped and cheered about the divorce and the mockery of it. 

Maher was working up a comedic lather about the Cabinet merry-go-round, joking that "Jeff Sessions will be replaced by Matlock. It's just who he sees on TV!" Then he made another joke at the Trump family's expense: "The CIA director is replacing the secretary of state, and it looks like the energy secretary is going to be replacing the VA secretary, and he wants the EPA head to be replacing the attorney general, and Ivanka is replacing Melania."

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