MSNBC Analyst: Trump's 'Profound Sexual and Masculine Insecurities' Threaten to Kill Us All

Amateur psychoanalysis of Donald Trump is a constant theme of “objective” reporting these days, but MSNBC went Full Freud on Tuesday night’s All In, with MSNBC analyst Anand Giridharadas insisting we might all die at any minute because Trump’s “profound sexual and masculine insecurities are literally threatening to annihilate the planet.”  MSNBC surely considers this paranoid analysis a “statement of fact.”

Joy Reid was filling in for Chris Hayes:

JOY REID: Anand, I'm going to come to you first on this interesting thought from Donald Trump about the size of his nuclear button and the threat that he just put up against the North Korean leader. Your thoughts?

ANAND GIRIDHARADAS, MSNBC POLITICAL ANALYST: As we saw all through 2017, men with profound sexual insecurity can wreak a lot of havoc in the lives of women, in the lives of their families. But perhaps never have we seen a man whose profound sexual and masculine insecurities are literally threatening to annihilate the planet. I mean, the way he's literally capitalizing in that tweet his Nuclear Button, I mean, any psychiatrist or psychologist would have a field day with that. But we all live in a world that could literally be ended in terms of a habitable planet because of the sad man`s insecurities.

Reid then asked her analyst how Democrats can filter all this information and panic into electoral success, and he said Democrats need to reach out to the middle, the many Americans who are "afraid of change" and “maybe a little bit racist.” Yeah, try telling them that, I’m sure that will work wonders:

GIRIDHARADAS: I think those of us who believe in a kind of new America, America that's more inclusive, more tolerant, more diverse, more colorful, which women have more power and voice, have to do a better job of selling that to people who are not die-hard Trumpers, but are not die-hard for the new America either, who are in that kind of middle. And there's a lot of them. And they're decent people, afraid of change, maybe a little bit racist, maybe not a little bit racist but for some reason or another ambivalent between this kind of man and a movement that frankly doesn't make them feel warm and fuzzy either.

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