Spit Take: British Leftist Paper Claims Time Is 'The Weekly Favoured by Trump'

One way to know a reporter's mind is located out in the radical-left boondocks is to proclaim that somehow Time magazine belongs on the right wing. On Saturday, Emma Graham-Harrison of the British newspaper The Guardian penned a jaw-dropping first paragraph about a new sex-discrimination lawsuit against Time: 

The co-founder of the Women’s Equality party, Catherine Mayer, is suing her former employer, Time magazine, for gender and age discrimination, making the weekly favoured by President Donald Trump the latest major media company to be embroiled in accusations of institutional sexism.

If Time is the weekly "favoured" by Trump, then liberals would pull out their Access Hollywood transcripts and say no wonder that magazine's a den of oafish sexists! The lawsuit sounds like a slam dunk to them. But in reality, Time waged war on Trump, publishing two different covers with Trump's face melting off before the election. 

Then again, the top editors at Time like to pretend that they're not an opinion magazine, that their mission is "not to tell people what to think."

Mayer claimed “Time has violated [anti-discrimination and civil rights] laws by operating a system of male cronyism, by which men, especially former war correspondents, were favoured over women in recruitment, dismissal and promotion decisions.”

But Mayer thinks this is typical: "I don’t know of one female journalist who hasn’t been discriminated against at work." 


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