Nasty: Jimmy Kimmel Airs Fake Interview with Grotesque Puppet of Kellyanne Conway

July 11th, 2017 5:24 PM

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live most recently drew a box full of media valentines when Kimmel talked of how his baby son needed heroic medical care at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and expressed the statist hope that somehow that high-level health care should be available for all. Kimmel's show was also happily made itself into a platform for Hillary Clinton in 2015 and 2016, most notably a segment with Hillary mocking male voters who wouldn't back her in a feminist skit about "man-splaining." 

So it's a little shocking to see this allegedly feminist show mocking the appearance of Kellyanne Conway on Monday night with a grotesque-looking puppet that looked stolen from the British puppet troupe Spitting Image. Their cartoonishly ugly Conway was also painted as stupid and dishonest in defense of the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower. Here's the "humor" segment: 

KIMMEL: Why did Donald Trump Jr and the highest-level campaign staff have a meeting with Russia in the first place?

FAKE CONWAY: Okay, first of all, define “meeting.” When you say “meeting,” what are you talking about?

KIMMEL: Meeting, when people meet, they get together and have a meeting.

FAKE CONWAY: What’s a meeting?

KIMMEL: A meeting iw when people gather and talk – I don’t know, it’s a meeting.

FAKE CONWAY: Jimmy, do you eat meat?


FAKE CONWAY: Is that a meeting?

This for whatever reason drew huge laughter. A sixth-grader could have written this fake interview at this point. It’s just that stone dumb. 

KIMMEL: Alright, the lawyer admits she told them –

FAKE CONWAY: Listen, we should be focusing on Hillary Clinton and the she-mails she’s been hiding!

KIMMEL: That’s not what I’m asking you about. I’m asking about the meeting. What specifically were they hoping to hear at this meeting?

FAKE CONWAY: What’s a meeting?

KIMMEL: You know what, thank you very much, Kellyanne.  I appreciate your time.

Kimmel knows who his audience is. On the YouTube page with the video, a commentator rejoiced: "Waiting for the triggered Trumptards." But this is not a shtick they would ever imagine doing to their heroine, Hillary Clinton, or Chelsea Clinton. It's not like those women cannot be cartooned.