Bozell & Graham Column: Crude Comedians of 'The Resistance'

TV comedy cannot be too harsh when directed at Donald Trump. There are no limits, and CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert has proven it. Under the rubric of corporate loyalty after the president cut an interview short with CBS host John Dickerson, mocking his show as “Deface the Nation,” Colbert called president a “prick-tator” and then suggested the only thing the president’s mouth was good for was as a “holster” for the sexual organ of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

On national television while his audience roared -- and gasped.

The notion of defending Dickerson and CBS as victims of Trump is a ruse. The network was given 33 minutes with the president on Face the Nation and ten minutes on CBS This Morning, with the president fielding an endless barrage of negative questions before Trump finally tired of it and calmly cut off Dickerson with “That’s enough. Thank you.”

To put things in their proper perspective, it could be argued that Trump faced more CBS hostility in one interview than Obama faced on CBS in eight years.

Conservative Twitter swiftly imagined the reaction had Colbert aimed this "comedic" fire at Obama  – not to mention if Hillary. He would have been fired.  But it was Trump, and where he's concerned, blind hatred is never having to say your sorry. 

CBS refused comment to press inquiries. Colbert was pressed into a measure of regret….by the gay Left, for disparaging same-sex activity. He bowed to them by saying on his show “anyone who expresses their love for another person, in their own way, is to me, an American hero.” (Think through the criminal stupidity of that statement.) As for Trump, “I have jokes, he has the launch codes, so it’s a fair fight.”

Does anyone wonder why Trump refused to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner? This is the level of "humor" Trump was expected to endure at the hands of industry leaders who despise him.“ 

Liberals think comedians should lead the “Resistance” because the journalists are just too damn nice. Colbert’s penis joke arrived on video on Twitter with this promotional sentence: “Stephen tells the President everything journalists, restrained by their dignity, wish they could say.”

This year, the White House Correspondents Association president, Jeff Mason of Reuters, displayed the usual schizophrenia by proclaiming it would be “unfair” to roast President Trump in absentia, and then hired Hasan Minhaj of The Daily Show – the son of Indian Muslim immigrants -- to roast Trump in absentia. This man was best known for a vicious leftist tirade at another “objective” TV news dinner, including his label for Trump, a “racist Cheeto.”

Mason was surely only responding to rejected Daily Show host candidate Samantha Bee, who brought her TBS show to Washington to tape a “Not the Correspondents Dinner” special. In her taping before the dinner, Bee attempted to outdo Minhaj by comparing Skype questioners at the White House to survivalists who drink their own urine, and delighting in the smear that Trump paid for Russian prostitutes to urinate on him.

At the WHCA dinner, Minhaj uncorked lame jokes about “Nazi Steve Bannon,” about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos “curating her collection of children’s tears,” and insisting “Donald Trump is Liar-in-Chief. And remember, you guys" -- the press -- "are Public Enemy No. 1. You are his biggest enemy. Journalists, ISIS, normal-length ties. And somehow, you're the bad guys. That’s why you guys need to keep your foot on the gas.”   

The Left is too angry and frustrated to admit that their poisonous remarks are having the effect of discrediting the liberal media in all its forms. They’re congratulating each other while they’re burning down the village in order to save it.

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