Ex-MSNBCer Toure Pens Screed Against Whites and 'Trumpy KKKLaus'

The most “progressive” salad days of MSNBC continue to go un-missed by most political observers, as can be seen from the latest dropping of political analysis by the pop-culture writer Toure at The Huffington Post. He began with the most unoriginal analysis, that Donald Trump leads a “White Lives Matter” movement and then turned to cartoonish nicknames like “Trumpy KKKLaus.”

It’s almost comforting to consider that people who graduate from puerile college newspapers still have an outlet for more aged puerility at the HuffPost:

Then Trump arrived like white supremacy's version of Santa Claus with a bag full of gifts. He gave them swagger. He gave them unadulterated machismo -- Trump is the most macho presidential contender ever. And Trumpy KKKlaus reminded them that a white man who employs good ol' fashioned white toughness is unstoppable. And everywhere he looks there's someone to fight. In Trump's mind, everything in society is aligned against white men -- Washington, Mexico, China, Democrats, Black Lives Matter, everything; it's a total disaster. So little time, so many asses to kick. Entitlement is a powerful drug and Trump's a big-time dealer.

We should have seen Trump coming. We should have known that decades of Republican race baiting — from the Southern Strategy to welfare queens to self-deportation — and decades of the GOP welcoming racists in their tent would eventually lead to “Make America White Again.” We should have known that the browning of America and the growing inclusivity of America was not going to be taken lying down. Many people see all of that as code for the decline of white people. And to some, any advance by Black and brown people is a loss for whites.

Toure, like every other unoriginal black leftist, never demonstrates any flexing of the intellectual muscles that might grant that white resentment since the Sixties of relentless accusations of racism and “affirmative discrimination” might spur a backlash that does not resemble a 1920s lynching. To this, Toure added that Trump is the evil opposite of Saint Obama:

So where the 2008 election seemed like shocking proof of how non-racist we were, the pendulum has now swung back hard and 2016 is shocking proof of how racist some of us still are. And those phenomena - the rise of Obama and the rise of Trump - are completely interlinked. The Trump phenomenon is occurring in response to the rise of Obama, like a correction or a reversion to the mean. Or a people trying to reassert the status they feel they've lost. And now the people who feel most disaffected by the success of Obama are screaming loud to make sure that this time they're heard: "White Lives Matter."

Toure concludes with the notion that white pride could be as virtuous as black pride, if it wasn't so entitled.
"I want to see a white pride that celebrates heritage and foments self-love and rejects racial superiority and dismisses the absurd delusions of white marginalization. Steal 'white pride' from the Klan and rechristen it as a new white pride that has no time for hate."

Someone needs to tell The Huffington Post that today's Klan is so tiny that they only people investing it with terrific relevance -- like it in any way represents tens of millions of Caucasians -- is wacky leftist groups and their media allies.

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