WashPost Highlights 'Stop Funding Israel Terror' Protest With No Reference to Hamas Rockets

The Washington Post devoted a story and two large color photographs on Monday to a small leftist protest against Israel. “STOP FUNDING ISRAEL TERROR – CODEPINK.ORG” was splayed across a large picture.

Nowhere in this brief story loaded with attacks on Israel's killing of Palestinian women and children is there any reference to more than 1,700 Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians -- nor is there any reference to the protest organizers' statement on Facebook claiming in complete contradiction to the facts that Israel's attacks in Gaza are "unprovoked."

After one week of an unprovoked military attack on the entire population of the Gaza Strip, which has left 171 dead, mostly civilians and scores of children, and over 1000 injured, it is well past time to end the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

The White House and the U.S. Congress are funding and endorsing this genocide.

The sympathetic story by Britain Eakin and Wesley Robinson began like this:

Hundreds of peaceful protesters gathered in Washington on Sunday to demonstrate against Israeli violence in Gaza, with many expressing frustration with what they see as unconditional U.S. support for Israel.

“The U.S. is the primary patron of Israel and provides unequivocal diplomatic and military support,” said Noura Erakat, a Palestinian lawyer and professor at George Mason University. “It’s a complicit third party in what amounts to a massacre of the Palestinian population entrapped within the Gaza strip.”

The demonstrators gathered outside the State Department, where Palestinian Americans, Muslims, Jews and others waved Palestinian flags and held up signs calling for an immediate end to the violence.

In the two-week offensive, more than 445 Palestinians, many of them women and children, have died.

The post made no reference that Professor Noura Erakat is the niece of former Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat. Would a niece of Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu protest for Israel without the Post noticing a connection?

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