Get a Room: Buzzfeed Woman Ogles Obama as 'Our Hottest President Ever'

Barack Obama may be headed toward the Lame Duck Preserve, but some Internet attention-seekers are still willing to swoon over him and hope to go viral. Tracy Clayton at – a star of “Black Twitter” – posted a set of photos Tuesday night with the headline “27 Pictures That Prove That Barack Obama Is Our Hottest President Ever.” (HT: Michelle Malkin)

What followed below was a set of lecherous lines that would clearly get you sued for sexual harassment if the genders were reversed. Someone warn Michelle. This lady is sporting a beret and is looking to make a presidential scandal.

The following bolded titles went over the pictures. The unboldened sentences were smaller captions underneath pictures. Some numbers had no introdcuctory sentences, just pictures. A sampling:

1. It isn’t said often enough: President Obama is a very handsome man.

2. When he smiles…

4. Good heavens, that smile.

5. He’s just as handsome when he brings it down to a grin.

6. And when he bites that lip.

Is it hot in here or is it me? (Spoiler: it’s me.)

7. He smolders when he is looking stately and serious.

9. And in quiet, pensive moments.

Mr. President, seen above, is pondering whether or not it’s legal for a Commander-In-Chief to be so freaking fly.

11. He’s gorgeous even when he’s goofing around.

12. And especially when he’s showing off his athletic skills.

Excellent form, Mr. President. Excellent form indeed.

13. And have you seen what this man does to a well-tailored suit?

Honey. Honey.

14. Even his sad looking faces are adorable.

Don’t you just want to hug him and never let him go, ever in your life, not for a second?!

15. He’s alluring when he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business.

19. Why hello, perfectly squared jawline.

20. That profile. That amazing, velvety-looking skin that probably feels like a coalition of baby’s butt cheeks.

Oh to be a glove upon that hand, that I may touch that cheek!

21. He’s especially hot when he hangs out in the rain…

22. …And he gets all dewy and his skin glows a golden brown.

24. And most of all, that physique.

After a set of his old shirtess Hawaiian beach photos, she added a video of Obama singing Al Green with the caption: PS: As if all that wasn't enough, HE CAN SING.

And after she posted this self-gratifying exercise, Clayton went and tweeted this:

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