Law-Flouting David Gregory of NBC Parks Illegally Outside Fancy D.C. Jewelry Shop

May 12th, 2014 8:01 AM

NBC's David Gregory drew special treatment from the District of Columbia for illegally possessing a high-capacity magazine and displaying it on national TV. There must be an exemption for "educational" media-bias reasons. So he won't worry about any fine for illegally parking his SUV the other day outside the "upscale bauble shop" Tiny Jewel Box, whose website advertises items for "Above $5000."

The Washington Post gossips asked Monday, "Hey, isn’t that… Meet the Press host David Gregory, illegally parking his dark-colored SUV on Connecticut Avenue, Thursday afternoon?"


Our tipster spotted the NBC newsman — on an important mission that apparently couldn’t be slowed down by fear of the city’s lightning-fast meter-checkers — hopping out of the car and hustling to the Tiny Jewel Box, the upscale bauble shop. An NBC spokeswoman confirms that Gregory did park illegally, but says he did so only briefly to check whether the shop was open. [In the afternoon? He couldn't have Googled "Tiny Jewel Box store hours"?]

Then he moved his car to a garage, she says, and went in on a Mother’s Day shopping mission (there goes the surprise element!). We knew it must have been urgent business.

Gregory is the second husband of high-stakes lawyer Beth Wilkinson, best known for her stint as a $3 million per annum (in salary and bonuses) executive vice president of the failed government-backed home loan giant Fannie Mae.  She resigned in 2008 when the federal government bailed it out and took it over.

How qualified was she for this lucrative lawyer's opportunity?  On June 16, 2006, The New York Times reported her recruitment this way: “Ms. Wilkinson, for example, knew nothing about the mortgage-backed securities at the core of Fannie Mae’s business.”