RNC Spokesman: It's Time for Conservative Journalists to Moderate Some GOP Primary Debates in 2016

Someone in the GOP is starting to listen to our refrain of "Say No to Feisty Liberal Moderators."  On Friday, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer talked to Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg after the RNC voted to change the rules to include more conservative moderators in the primaries.

Spicer noted the obvious: “ For too long, it’s been the media that’s decided when we’re going to debate, who is going to be in the debate, what questions are going to be asked, what subjects are going to be forward....As we all know, the liberal media does not have the interest of the party at hand . . . You should not just have left-wing, liberal moderators asking questions of our candidates and determining that.” (video below)

“Some of the folks in the media try to prepare this as, ‘Oh, you guys don’t want to face tough questions.’ This has nothing to tough questions," Spicer insisted. "Anyone who has listened to your show, or read Breitbart or The Daily Caller, knows that conservative media is a heckuva lot tougher than mainstream media, but they’re focused on the issues that matter to conservatives and grassroots activists, as opposed to the left-wing liberals out there,”

Spicer added: “And so one of the things that we recognize is that they have a voice in this process. And we need to get people from Newsmax, people from The Daily Caller, people from The Washington Examiner, people from Breitbart....National Review, legitimate conservative journalists need to have a voice in questioning the Republican candidates for the nomination.”

Let's not forget Terry Jeffrey and our colleagues at CNSNews.com as questioners.

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