Did He Inhale? MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Considers His Low-Rated Show a 'Success Beyond My Wildest Dreams'

Twentysomething MSNBC host Ronan Farrow told New York magazine at the Time 100 Gala that he knew nothing about marijuana vaporizers -- "That is how uncool I am," he insisted -- but his assessment of how his show is performing sounds like it came after he inhaled.

How is this show a success beyond his "wildest dreams"? His dreams must be incredibly vanilla:

 "The learning curve lasts for decades, particularly in cable news," Farrow said. "Shows take a long time to come together, and I love where we are now. I consider it a success beyond my wildest dreams so far, but it’s early days, which is what makes it so exciting."

Farrow said that his show launched at a time when few other cable news programs (except those on MSNBC, obviously) "were hitting a diverse range of substantive topics. It was a time when one story was getting hammered over and over again." Ronan Farrow Daily, he insisted, did not aim for "low-hanging fruit" but "substantive hard news coverage."

Farrow somehow considers his show substantive when it airs odd stories about blaming MMA fighting in Dagestan for the terrorism of the Tsarnaev brothers (not to mention the story on the "Bronycon" convention for adult "My Little Pony" fans.)

Ronan Farrow
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