Jay Carney Sneers at Reporter's Question About Obama's Treatment of Sebelius

April 11th, 2014 10:25 PM

White House spokesman Jay Carney was sneering at reporters again Friday.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Jared Rizzi, a reporter with Sirius XM Radio, was accused of being “pretty lame” by Carney in questioning how resigning HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was absent from the podium and went unmentioned in the president’s April 1 “victory lap” for Obamacare signups. (Video below.)

JARED RIZZI: The president, you said, knew in early March that this transition would be happening. The president earlier today was effusive in his praise for Secretary Sebelius, but Secretary Sebelius was not at the podium nor was she mentioned in the remarks on April 1 when the president took what a lot of us described as a victory lap, saying 7-point-something million Americans at the time … Was that –

JAY CARNEY: Secretary Sebelius was at the event. The president was there only with the vice-president behind the podium, and I think you heard from the president –

RIZZI: Members of Congress who –

CARNEY: Jared. Honestly. I think you heard from the President of the United –

RIZZI: Well, I didn’t know –

CARNEY: Boy, that’s pretty lame. The president, I think, gave you plenty of sound today on his feelings about Secretary Sebelius’ service, so you got it from him, and you got it pretty clearly.

Carney also snapped at Jeff Mason at Reuters earlier this week.

If you have time to see how lame Carney looked in trying to fend off ABC's Jonathan Karl on the complete White House hypocrisy on a gender pay gap -- "but, Jon, our intentions are good, unlike the private sector" -- the video is below. A transcript is here. Remember that NONE of this exchange ended up on World News!