Biden: Obama Should Be Nominated for 'Sainthood' for His Patience During Botched Obamacare Rollout

Here’s something else the networks didn’t notice about on the evening news about Obamacare. Vice President Biden spoke to community health center leaders on Friday morning about the botched rollout. “You know, it got off to a slow start,” said Biden. “The president and I were as frustrated as anyone....but it's basically fixed,” he added.

Then he suggested Obama should be nominated for “sainthood” for his patience, as if everyone else was to blame for letting him down:

"We didn't help you much at the front end here, man," Biden said, adding that “My boss, my friend, Barack Obama is an incredibly patient man. I suggested after going through the first couple week I would nominate him for sainthood, that he kept his patience.”

Justin Sink of The Hill elaborated:

But the vice president pressed navigators helping individuals through the enrollment process to reassure those purchasing insurance that "there's no reason to be embarrassed that it's complicated."

"You look these people in the eye. And the first thing you do is, you calm them down," Biden advised.

"How many people you'd spoken to you can tell by the look on their face they're almost embarrassed to ask you the questions?" Biden asked. "Because they don't want to feel stupid. … You dispel their fears; you put them at ease; and you walk them through the process."

Biden said it would be foolish to think enrolling "would not be difficult for people who never, ever, ever had insurance."

"Anybody ever thought this was going to be easy never, ever had insurance," Biden said. "Seriously. Assume you're a very wealthy person; you can buy whatever insurance you want. It's a complicated business. It's a complicated business. It doesn't matter whether you have a GED or a Ph.D."

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