N-Sync's Lance Bass Makes Himself Look Like An... Amateur On Obamacare

Team Obama’s plan to rally the “Millennials” to sign up for Obamacare by pushing less-than-intellectual celebrities in their face hit a snag on Wednesday when Lance Bass, a member of the lapsed boy band N-Sync, tweeted the wrong Web address to his 300,000 followers on Twitter, sending them to “Healthcare.org.” ABC News said he went to the White House to "lend his voice to President Obama’s ongoing efforts to encourage young people to sign up for health care through the government exchange."

After mockery ensued, Bass went to Twitlonger to tell the haters to “grow up,” as if grown-ups always mangle Web addresses? “Private citizens” like Bass are trying to prevent the youngsters from saying “Bye, Bye, Bye” to Obamacare:

Grow up people! A handful of private citizens were invited to talk about Health Care. I have questions just like you- and I brought in several that my fans have brought up. I'm not writing any laws here. Don't hate because I'm trying to get educated. And I friggin messed up the website! Ugh. It's healthcare.gov !!

Before he fixed it and joked "Brain fart!" it looked like this:

Since coming out as gay in 2006, Bass has become a gay activist and is now a satellite radio host of the show "Dirty Pop with Lance Bass" on the Sirius-XM gay channel OutQ. He also serves ceremonially on the board of directors of the Environmental Media Association. On Twitter, David Burge unloaded a string of hilarious pop-idol-and-Obama tweets in response:


You might have to be a bit older to get Bobby Sherman humor, since he was a teen idol in the early 1970s. He concluded:

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