Do DC Reporters Sleep With Sources? Actress Says Team Obama Says Yes

February 20th, 2014 11:34 AM

As a way of promoting the Netflix DC melodrama "House of Cards," the local magazine Capitol File and the gossip column at The Washington Post are promoting anonymous gossip from a "senior person" inside Team Obama.

Actress Robin Wright -- best known to older movie watchers as the title character in "The Princess Bride" -- claimed she gleaned "this little gem from a conversation with an unnamed “senior person” in the Obama administration: Washington reporters sleep with their sources!" In "House of Cards," the Kevin Spacey character did so with the reporter played by Kate Mara.


During a Q&A in the upcoming issue of Capitol File magazine, a reporter asked whether Wright’s White House source thought the fictional events depicted in the Netflix series were close to the mark.

“Did he think reporters sleeping with sources and members of Congress was factual?” the reporter asked.

“Oh, yeah,” the actress replied. “D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood… how much infidelity goes on.”

"More corrupt than Hollywood" is a really low bar to set, isn't it? But it might explain how the capital elites were never bothered by Bill Clinton's sexual incontinence...and still aren't. How many reporters did Clinton exploit in this way? Don't count on the Post to tell you.