HBO's Bill Maher: Conservative Answer to Gay Grammys Is a 'Mass Shooting at the Country Music Awards'

February 2nd, 2014 12:26 PM

As if any more proof was needed that HBO's Bill Maher has a very sick sense of humor to match his overweening arrogance, our own Noel Sheppard alerted us early that on Friday night, Maher somehow thought it would be funny to suggest that conservatives are made out of just the stuff that would host "a mass shooting at the Country Music Awards."

Cracking "wise" at his show-ended "New Rules" segment over a Photoshop of country star Carrie Underwood brandishing weaponry with the chyron "Bride and Prejudice," Maher suggested the mass-shooting scenario was for conservatives the appropriate answer to a mass wedding including gays at the Grammy Awards: [See viddeo below.]

“Now that liberals have forwarded their agenda by inserting a mass gay wedding into the Grammys,” Maher said, “conservatives must match them tit-for-tat by having a mass shooting at the Country Music Awards.”

That's just an ugly, mean-spirited attack -- and the leftists in the audience  who found it hilarious are the same ones who liked the Martin Bashir Opus.