See Side-By-Side Shots of Sneaky CBS Editing of Ted Cruz Interview

January 27th, 2014 12:17 PM

The assumption that the Sunday news shows might be live and unedited certainly unraveled with Sunday's discovery that CBS opportunistically edited anti-Obama remarks out of Bob Schieffer's interview with Ted Cruz.

The most insincere thing Schieffer said at the end was "We're going to leave this for another day, Senator." It's more like "We're going to kill this and never let it see another day, Senator." MRCTV's Bob Parks has assembled a nice video that illustrates what CBS cut out below:

Here's what Schieffer actually asked Schumer on the subject of the Tea Party:

SCHIEFFER: And joining us now for some reaction to the Republican side of things, at least Tea Party side of things, New York Democrat Chuck Schumer. I`ll just give you the chance to respond, what did you think of what Senator Cruz had to say?...

SCHIEFFER: Let me ask you about The Hill newspaper, which circulates on Capitol Hill, ran a headline this week said that Chuck Schumer had a plan to poison the Tea Party. I think we`ve got a picture of that maybe we'll show that before the broadcast is over here. Do you? Obviously you didn`t mean that literally...

SCHUMER: Well, it`s not to poison them. But look the question millions of Americans are asking, not just Democrats but independents and Republicans, how can a small extreme minority paralyze the government? reports that Cruz has posted a list of questions list he says President Obama should address in his State of the Union address Tuesday night:

1. Will the President allow the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to fully investigate the IRS’s illegal targeting of conservatives?

2. Will the President protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens from unjustifiable violations by the National Security Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, and Department of Health and Human Services?

3. Will the President recognize that his economic policies have failed to create the millions of jobs that he promised and have, instead, reduced the labor force participation rate to its lowest level in decades? Will he commit to job-creating policies such as the immediate authorization of the Keystone Pipeline, a moratorium on new regulations, and fundamental tax reform for every American?

4. Will the President call on Congress to form a Joint Select Committee to finally discover the truth of why four Americans perished in a preventable terrorist attack in Benghazi 16 months ago?

5. Will the President recognize that it was a mistake to ram through Obamacare on a party-line vote and that it is hurting millions of Americans?