'Gay Marriage' on Rose Parade Float Skipped by Networks

The Tournament of Roses Parade became the latest stage to spotlight “gay marriage” as two men were joined in secular matrimony on the float of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  (For those who think AIDS fundraisers aren’t leftist agitators – please consult reality.)

Penny Starr at our sister site CNSNews.com reports that ABC News covered the wedding/protest on their website, but ABC and NBC somehow excluded the float from their live parade coverage. No Kinky Boots moments for them?

The two television networks – ABC and NBC – that covered the 2014 Tournament of Roses parade live on Jan. 1 are not saying why the wedding of two men atop the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s float was not part of their programming viewed by more than 60 million people around the world.

When CNSNews.com asked whether the wedding was covered and, if not, why not, ABC’s press office said there would be no official statement about the event and cited technical issues. NBC did not respond to the questions.

ABC ran a news article about the gay wedding on January 1 saying the two men were “making history.” See more at CNSNews.com.

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