MSNBC Tweets 'Flashback' Segment on Obama's 2008 Election Is 'Absolute Best Flashback Friday EVER!'

November 1st, 2013 11:25 PM

The blog Inside Cable News reports that the MSNBC late-morning show "Jansing & Co." routinely has a "Flashback Friday" feature, but it really stepped Into the Obama Tank on November 1...since it gave the Leg Thrill Network its first chance to flash back to Obama's election five years ago.

On the Jansing show Twitter account, there was this gooey tweet: "The absolute best Flashback Friday EVER! Coming up". Is the Jansing staff blogger still in high school, dotting all their I's with hearts? It linked to fond video memories of Jesse Jackson crying in Hyde Park at the wonderful news that a black man was elected president. Our cable-news blogger couldn't believe MSNBC would wreck Jansing's more-objective-than-usual-MSNBC mojo:

Really? Obama’s election is “the absolute best Flashback Friday EVER!”???


The account is a generic show account so someone’s editorializing here and it’s not Jansing. We know it’s not her because she always signs her tweets with “-cj”.

But the inference will be made that Jansing thinks that the election of Barack Obama makes for the best Flashback Friday that her show could show of her. The chances that she does think that are so tiny there isn’t a microscope on the planet powerful enough to see them.

It’s tough enough as it is to argue in favor of straight shooters like Jansing on an increasingly progressively polarized channel like MSNBC which has its progressivism unfairly taint those who still try to play it as nonpartisan as possible as she and others like Chuck Todd do. Things like this just undercut all that and paint her into a corner she would probably not wanted to be painted in to.

Looking at the video on the new See the upper left-hand corner where the tag is "Playlist Democrats." For many, it might seem odd to here Obama saying "Yes We Can" after the Obamacare website, but this seems designed as pure Turn Your Frown Upside Down encouragement for Dems.