Bozell to Cavuto: I'll Buy You Ten Beers If a Reporter Admits Republicans Were Right to Demand Obamacare Delay

On his Fox Business show Thursday night, Neil Cavuto was shocked by the turn-around in The New York Times on Obamacare: “Look at this front page headline: ‘Health law fails to lower prices for rural areas; Poor often pay more.’” He cracked: “To media watcher Brent Bozell, who read that headline, and subsequently fainted.”

Cavuto told Bozell, the Media Research Center's president: “Something’s going on here, and methinks it’s the Left reassessing everything.” Brent offered to buy Cavuto ten beers if "a single one of these reporters" actually admit the Republicans were right in the shutdown to demand a delay of Obamacare: (Transcript and video below):

BOZELL: I’ll give you something more outrageous. Brian Williams, number one cheerleader for Barack Obama, calling it a debacle on NBC News last night. What’s going on here, Neil? They are covering – finally – this train wreck. They are covering it because of barack obama himself in so many words said that it's a train wreck. Up until the moment Barack Obama acknowleged the problems, they were not covering it, it was just a glitch here and there and now they are finally covering it.

But Neil, there’s a fascinating question on the horizon. As you see these Democrats line up and call for a delay, because this thing is simply not ready, when are you going to see a single one of  those reporters, and I’ll buy you a beer. I’ll buy you 10 beers when you can show me a single one of these reporters who will say, “Oops! Maybe the Republicans were right during the shutdown. Maybe the Democrats were wrong to allow the shutdown and maybe we should have delayed this thing after all.” When I see a single one of these reporters say that, I’ll buy you lots of beer.

CAVUTO: Well, knowing how cheap you are, I know that’s never gonna happen. [Bozell laughs]

Cavuto also suggested that IT specialists he knows think the website will take months to be functional. So will that take down the law? Bozell would only predict this:

BOZELL: The media is not going to stop cheering for the concept. But I think they ‘re going to be critical, as they are now, simply because nobody can dispute that this was a monstrous failure on the part of this administration – that told the media leading up to this, that everything was ready to go. How many times did we hear Kathleen Sebelius tell the press that they were ready. So I got a feeling  there are some in the press who feel like they were used – and they were!

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